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The safe way to disinfect

Private and public toilets are without doubt a source of bacteria, and can easily transmit diseases and skin infections.

BIOXhome Toilet Disinfectant is scientifically proven to be an effective surface disinfectant, it is easy to use in all situations, is non-allergenic, colourless, and odourless.

BIOXhome Toilet Disinfectant is safe for use on toilet surfaces, taps, walls, floors and door handles. It can be used to control odours, mould and fungi.

BIOXhome Toilet Disinfectant is a highly effective natural disinfectant that is fully biodegradable into just oxygen and water, produces no toxic disinfection by-products or harmful chemicals.

Follow the instructions on the pack to ensure optimal performance

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  • Colourless and odourless
  • Non-foaming
  • Highly effective – kills 99.999% of bacteria and fungi
  • Biodegradable into non-toxic natural by-products (oxygen & water)
  • Not irritating to skin, eyes, or the respiratory system
  • Totally chlorine and alcohol free
  • Long shelf life of up to 2 years
  • Environmentally harmless



  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Rinse off used cleaning agent with clean water and remove excess
  • Spray the surface with undiluted (ready-to-use) BIOXhome solution
  • Use as much as you need to keep the surface moist while the solution takes effect.
  • Allow the product to take affect for 5 minutes
  • After use, wipe off with a clean dry cloth or paper towel, or allow to dry naturally.


Full instructions for use are on the bottle. It is important to follow these instructions, or you may contact HydroWater for more information.         

Authorisation no. 3116B

Use biocides safely. Please read the label safety instructions before use