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Relaxation without chlorine.

At a time when more people are looking for more ways to relax, more people are finding the relaxing beneficial effects a spa pool has on both the body and the spirit. But would you want to relax in water full of powerful aggressive chemicals?

Smaller water volumes and high temperatures mean that bathers are more affected by chemicals in a spa pool than in a swimming pool.

By using odour free BIOXpool in your spa, unpleasant odours, skin and eye irritations can be a thing of the past, along with water that is 100% biodegradable, very safe, and easy to look after.

With the ongoing use of BIOXpool, your spa pool will continue to become much cleaner and healthier.

Follow the instructions on the pack to ensure optimal performance.


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  • Complete protection against bacteria, and other micro-organisms
  • Long lasting effect due to the unique stabilisation that gives lasting results, even at low concentrations
  • Effective over a wide range of temperature and pH levels
  • No eye, skin or lung irritation, makes BIOXpool extremely suitable for children and people suffering from asthma or other medical allergies
  • Colourless, odourless and tasteless and 100% biodegradable into water and pure oxygen
  • Completely eliminates the use of chlorine and other aggressive & hazardous chemicals
  • Oxygen aids water clarity improves the smoothness and softness of the skin

Tip:  How to switch easily from chlorine to BIOXpool

 Step 1:    Clean the pool system (removal biofilm) by adding 2 litres of BIOXpool per 1000 litres pool water to the spa.

Step 2:    Open all the jets and run the pool at full speed 2 hours to dislodge the deposits from the system. Depending on the age of the pool, the water is likely to turn cloudy as the built-up scum comes out of the system.

Step 3:    Discharge the dirty water to waste, clean the pool filter thoroughly, and refill the spa with clean water.

Step 4:    Adjust the pH level to between 7.2 and 7.5 and add the amount of BIOXpool as indicated on the bottle label.

Please use BIOXtest test strips to test the water.


Use biocides safely. Please read the label safety instructions before use