ACVM Approved P009479

RV & Marine

RV & Marine

Recreational Drinking Water Treatment

RV & Marine is a lightly concentrated disinfectant for fresh water storage tanks in recreational vehicles and boats.

Water supplies collected from rural sources are typically not treated, so its safety cannot be guaranteed. Even water collected from chlorinated sources can be at risk as the amount of chlorine still in the water should be at a very low level, and will quickly dissipate once the vehicle begins moving. This will mean that after a very short time, the water will have no resistance to contaminants left, and re-infection can quickly occur.

BIOXwater is your way of protecting yourself and your family and avoiding unpleasant gastric upsets that will ruin anyone’s holiday enjoyment.

BIOXwater RV & Marine is safe and easy to use, requires no mixing of chemicals, and effective over a wide range of conditions.


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  • Complete protection against bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Formulated for the smaller tanks typically found in RVs, caravans, motor homes and boats.
  • Colourless, odourless and tasteless and 100% biodegradable into water and pure oxygen
  • Does not contain chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals
  • Contains up to 1.5% hydrogen peroxide
  • Suitable for the sanitation of portable water tanks and water storage bottles
  • Made using food grade ingredients, and is safe for food preparation, cooking, showering and all domestic uses
  • Is an approved water treatment chemical in New Zealand and many overseas countries.
  • Can treat up to 650 litres of drinking water (170 US gal.)
  • Use at the rate of 150 ml per 100 litres

Tip:  When to use RV & Marine

 When refilling the tank after periods in storage

  • Each time the tank is refilled
  • If the water has not been used for some time
  • Any time any unpleasant tastes or odours develop in the water
  • Any time you think it needs it



Please use BIOXtest test strips to test the water.