ACVM Approved P009479



Drinking water purifier for campers, trampers & the outdoors

Safe chlorine free disinfection of drinking water, or fresh fruit & vegetables while travelling

Drinking water disinfectant for campers, trampers and travellers, in a convenient pocket size for air travellers. Outdoors has no taste or odour and is effective against all common waterborne pathogens.

BIOXwater Outdoors is ideal for treating small quantities of water when travelling overseas, tramping, camping, hunting, fishing trips, or just venturing off the beaten track. Use also to provide a disinfection rinse for drinks containers or water bottles.

BIOXwater can be used wash fruit and vegetable, or to make water safe for preparing dehydrated or freeze dried foods. It is a healthy, environmentally-friendly and powerful disinfectant that will keep you safe at times in countries or areas where local hygiene standards are below normal


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  • Complete protection against bacteria, viruses and algae normally found in water supplies
  • No toxic effects, unpleasant taste or odour, and safe at all treatment concentrations
  • 100% biodegradable into water and pure oxygen
  • Can treat up to 100 litres of water (26.5 US gal.)
  • Completely chlorine free. Contains up to 1.5% hydrogen peroxide


It is most important that you follow the dosing instructions carefully. You will find them on the back of the bottle, or you can contact HydroWater for more information.