ACVM Approved P009479

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

The new generation of water disinfection

Providing safe and potable water is a worldwide challenge. Huwa. San offers a chlorine free alternative, creating no harmful by-products. It will physically remove biofilm, is non-toxic, non-corrosive and will retain its efficacy in a wide range of temperature and pH values. Odourless, colourless and tasteless, Huwa.San lends itself to many applications in the field of water treatment and is the perfect alternative for thermal disinfection against legionella, and the disinfection of drinking water without harmful disinfection by-products.

Huwa.San is the ideal method of treating agricultural and horticultural water supplies at the entry point to the property. Water treated at source prevent the spread of water borne pathogens from being distributed around a property, and helps control the rapid spread of damaging and expensive crop diseases.

Huwa.San is available as a full strength commercial disinfectant at 50% hydrogen peroxide for systems using automatic dosing equipment, and at a reduced strength of 25% for large systems where the product may be required to be dosed manually.

Both products have a hazardous goods (DG) rating of 5.1, & 8, and should be handled with appropriate care.


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  • Controls all forms of bacteria, viruses and algae commonly found in untreated drinking water
  • Breaks down and removes potentially dangerous biofilm build-up in pipes and equipment
  • Colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-foaming
  • 100% biodegradable into water and pure oxygen
  • Does not form dangerous disinfection by-products in the water
  • Does not lead to the formation of chlorates in process water
  • Provides a long lasting effect and excellent shelf life due to the unique silver stabilisation
  • Effective over a wide range of temperature, pH, and turbidity levels
  • Completely eliminates the use of chlorine and other unpleasant chemicals in the water
  • MPI approved in New Zealand for use as a water treatment chemical in food processing areas (C61)
  • Listed in the UK “List of Approved Products and Processes (Huwa-San TR50) for use in Public Water Supply” published by the DWI.
  • Leaves the water pure fresh and healthy.


Please use BIOXtest test strips to test the water.

Intended users:

Drinking water suppliers (public and private), food & beverage industry, waste water treatment, fish farms

Huwa.San is suitable for killing bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae and spores


  • Sanitation of drinking water, the cleaning of water systems, and waste water treatment
  • Disinfection of process water for food and beverage preparation
  • Sanitation of ponds, water features and fish tanks
  • Control of legionella in buildings, shop food display cabinets. air conditioning systems, cooling towers, water storage tanks

Please use BIOXtest test strips to test the water.

Always use Huwa.San water in conjunction with normal water hygiene practices.

Use biocides safely. Please read the label safety instructions before use.