ACVM Approved P009479

Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Enjoy your vitamins without worries

Fresh fruit and vegetables provide health and energy, but they can also bring hidden hazards. You will never know who has touched your food, how it has been stored, what kind of pesticides, insects or dirt may be lurking on the surface of your favorite fruits or vegetables.

Washing in fresh water can be helpful, but by adding Huwa.San Fruit & Vegetable  to some water in your sink, all bacteria, viruses and fungal spores can be removed before they can impair the quality of your fresh food.

Washing your fruit and vegetable with Huwa.San Fruit & Vegetable will also allow them to stay fresh and healthy for longer.

Follow the instructions on the pack to ensure optimal performance

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  • Highly effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Extends the shelf-life of your fresh food
  • Doesn’t affect the taste or appearance of fresh food
  • Colourless, odourless, and tasteless
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe & easy to use
  • At the correct dosage, safe for food, people and the environment
  • Does not produce toxic by-products
  • Made using only food grade ingredients.



  • Add 50 ml Huwa.San F&V per litre of clean water
  • Soak cleaned fruit and vegetables for 5 minutes
  • No need to rinse or dry afterwards


Full instructions for use are on the bottle. It is important to follow these instructions, or you may contact HydroWater for more information.         

Tested according to EN1276

Use biocides safely. Please read the label safety instructions before use