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The new generation of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide

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Effective, safe & sustainable disinfection based on a new generation of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide

Disinfection Mechanism

Huwa.San kills bacteria using a method totally different from more common disinfectants, like chlorine, or Quats. This means that bacteria will never become resistant to Huwa.San, regardless of how often, or for how long it is used.

Bacteria will become resistant over time to regular exposure to many chemicals. Surviving generation build up resistance until the disinfectant becomes ineffective. The different method of killing, means that Huwa.San can break that resistance to restore  and maintain hygiene is conditions.

Eco Harmless Disinfection

Huwa.San is the true environmentally harmless biocide

Huwa.San disinfectants are the new generation of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide disinfectants developed by Roam Technology NV Ltd, Belgium, and are unlike many other disinfectants. Huwa.San technology harnesses the true, oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide which is enhanced by the infusion of silver ions in an intricate process that stabilises and boosts the hydrogen peroxide. The result is a powerful multicomponent disinfectant able to destroy a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and protozoa.

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