ACVM Approved P009479

Got a question about Huwa.San?

1What is Huwa.San exactly?
Huwa.San is a unique formula of hydrogen peroxide which has been stabilised and catalysed by the action of a small quantity of silver
2How does Huwa. San work?
While neither hydrogen peroxide nor silver are particularly very good water system disinfectants when used individually, the combination produces a superb biocide. The mechanism is thought to be as follows: Hydrogen peroxide is not very effective against bacteria because these micro organisms can secrete Catalyze which reacts with hydrogen peroxide preventing it from reaching the cell wall and destroy the bacterium. Therefore, if hydrogen peroxide is used alone a huge quantity is required. This where the silver plays an important role. The silver emits an electrostatic charge which de-stabilizes the bacteria defence system, (catalyse enzyme) and allow the hydrogen peroxide to attack and destroy the bacteria. When the bacterium is dead, it is no longer attracted by the silver which moves back into the bulk water pulling the hydrogen peroxide behind it. Essentially the product has the chemical and physical properties required to remove and treat biofilm
3How stable is the product?
Huwa.San will remain active in cold water for many days and possibly weeks, depending on the dosage level, environmental conditions and water quality, and if there are no bacteria for it to kill or other materials for it to react with. It is also stable up to 113 deg. C and therefore does not break down in domestic hot water systems (generally operating at around 45 deg. C
4What proof is there that Huwa.San is good at eradicating legionella from domestic water systems?
An efficient legionella bactericide needs to do three things: 1. It must be a fast legionella, Listeria and Giardia bactericide; 2. It must destroy the protozoa which can act as host for the legionella bacterium: 3. It must be capable of removing biofilm which can protect the legionella micro organisms. A wide range of independent tests have confirmed that Huwa.San does all of these things when added to a water system.
5Why do we need to disinfect?
Disinfection is different from cleaning. Cleaning = the activity of making things clean, in a domestic or commercial environment Disinfection = the process that effectively kills or eliminates disease carrying micro organisms and prevent infection
6There are a lot of hydrogen peroxide products in the market, why Huwa.San?
Huwa.San is a unique formula and has received approvals for different organisations & government agencies worldwide in the past 25 years Huwa.San provides 99.9% disinfecting ability as documented by scientific research and laboratory tests worldwide. The "know how" of the manufacturing process is difficult to copy or imitate which gives the product the power to attack effectively all types of germs without any physical or chemical hazard.
7Does Huwa.San clean?
We recommend Huwa.San for disinfection use after normal cleaning.
8Is Huwa.San safe for food?
Huwa.San is safe for disinfection of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish by rinsing or washing at the suggested dosage.
9Are there any storage temperature constraints for Huwa.San? Can it be stored outdoors?
Since Huwa.San is formulated to be very stable, it can be stored outdoors in high temperatures. However, we recommend storage indoors.
10What is the method of checking the quantity of Huwa.San?
Huwa.San can be checked with peroxide test strips or using spectrograph test methods.
11Is Huwa.San corrosive?
Huwa.San is not corrosive at the recommended doses for most surfaces like stainless steel, aluminium, plastics etc. It is not recommended for brass and copper.
12Does Huwa.San bleach?
Not at the recommended doses below 1%
13Does Huwa.San damage skin tissues?
Not at the recommended doses. Huwa.San is skin safe below 3%.
14What about the silver residue?
The silver content in Huwa.San is at ppb levels in all applications, far less than international recommendation
15What method of analysis is used to check the residual level of Huwa.San in drinking water?
There are many methods : * Spectrograph manual test * Spectrograph automated test * Titration * Paper test strip
16Can Huwa.San be mixed with other disinfection products?
Mixing is not recommended.
17Does Huwa.San need rinsing after application?
No. Huwa.San consists of non-toxic components which are biodegradable to two essential natural elements, water and oxygen. Note: For some applications, local regulations may not permit the 'no-rinse' use of Huwa.San, and an application of an 'intervening step', such as rinsing or drying, may be required. These requirements may often be met by rinsing with water which has been disinfected with Huwa.San.
18What is the shelf life of Huwa.San?
Under ambient conditions, Huwa.San has a shelf life of 2 years.

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