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BIOXwater® RV & Marine, Outdoors & Travel Spray

Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene - ANYWHERE

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Drinking Water Purifier & Personal Sanitiser for Recreation & Travel

Benefits of BIOXwater

RV & Marine, Outdoors, and Travel Spray are designed to provide the holiday maker, tourist, tramper or boatie with safe drinking water wherever they are .

  • Totally chlorine, alcohol, & iodine free
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Completely food safe
  • Treats all pathogens commonly found in drinking water

BIOXwater Recreational Water Treatment & Infection Control

BIOXwater provides three products to meet the needs of recreation and travel. RV & Marine is a safe and effective water treatment for caravans, motorhomes and boats. Outdoors and BIOX Travel Spray are convenient pocket size sanitisers for people when travelling, or enjoying outdoors activities.

Access to safe drinking water is vital when travelling away from home. Water collected for caravan, RV's or boat tanks can seldom be relied upon to always be safe to use. Many holiday plans have been ruined from the results of drinking water containing bacteria or viruses. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell by looking at water if it is safe to drink. BIOXwater products are your insurance that the water you are drinking is not about to ruin your holiday.

RV & Marine - This product is designed for the safe disinfection of drinking water & storage tanks in recreational vehicles. Added to the water tank at each fill, it will control water borne pathogens without affecting the taste or odour of the water. It can be used to disinfect the water tank, and may even be used to disinfect the plumbing system of the vehicle, or freshen the tank after periods of storage.

Outdoors - Designed to be carried in the pack, pocket or backpack, the 100 ml size complies with airline security requirements. It can be used while travelling to disinfect small volumes of water - by the individual glass is necessary - or can be used as a convenient hand sanitiser or fresh fruit wash. Each bottle is able to treat up to 100 litres ( 100 US Qts.) of water.

Travel Spray - BIOX Travel Spray can be used the same as Outdoors, but incorporates a convenient atomiser top. It also can be used to disinfect small water quantities, used as a hand sanitiser, disinfectant for food, food surfaces or containers. It is also a useful mild antiseptic for minor cuts and scratches while travelling.

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