ACVM Approved P009479

BIOXpool Products

Swimming comfort and safety without aggressive chemicals.

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BIOXpool provides totally chlorine free water treatment for all sizes of spa pools and swimming pools

The benefits of a BIOXpool

BIOXpool products provide healthier, more comfortable and safer water for all the family.

  • Total microbiological protection
  • Crystal clear & silky water
  • Pool becomes easier to look after
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Does not irritate the skin or eyes
  • Eliminates all chlorine

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BIOXpool has the right product for all sizes of pools. From the Kiddie pool, spa pool, or swimming pools up to 150,000 litres, all pools can enjoy the wonderful benefits of swimming in water that is safe, healthier to swim in, and perfect for all the family.

Using BIOXpool brings a new dimension to the comfort and health  of your swimming pool or spa. Because it is odour free, even if high doses are required in the spa because of high usage, the water will never become unpleasant, the water will be safer, and the pool much more pleasant and enjoyable to use. Bathing will be like swimming in fresh water, will be kinder to your eyes and skin, and will not leave you smelling of chlorine until you take the mandatory after-swim shower.

BIOXpool treatment does not produce aggressive chemical by-products in the water, so it is a lot more pleasant on the skin and eyes, much safer for children, people suffering from skin allergies, or anyone that reacts badly to chlorine.

Recent research in Europe has found that the vapour given off in chlorinated pools can have a damaging effects on the respiratory system of young children, and the effects of this damage is only shown up in later life. BIOXpool completely eliminates these harmful effect on children.

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