ACVM Approved P009479

BIOXhome® disinfectants

BIOXhome provides a range of highly effective disinfectants for use around the home without the use of aggressive, dangerous or unhealthy chemicals

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Totally chlorine and alcohol free, BIOXhome products are environmentally harmless and food safe.

Benefits of BIOXhome

BIOXhome products are designed for use around the home to kill microbial contaminants that traditional cleaning products leave behind.

  • Chlorine free
  • Safe around food
  • Safe around adults, children & animals
  • Do not require rinsing or wiping away

BIOXhome domestic disinfectants

BIOXhome disinfectants are a new generation of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide disinfectants that are non-toxic, ecologically harmless and biodegradable. They are highly effective, but harmless to people and animals, safe around food, and leave no harmful deposits. All ingredients used are food grade, and are permitted food additives in Australia and New Zealand.

BIOXhome disinfectants are very different from traditional products in the way that they kill bacteria, and the mechanism they use does not allow bacteria to become resistant to them. They also do not leave harmful residues on surfaces that need to be removed by wiping or rinsing. These are very important benefits in the home for the health of the family.

It is now widely recognised that many old style disinfectants are very slow acting, and will often be wiped away before they have been able to kill the bacteria or viruses on the surface. This can mean that when the surface is wiped, the bacteria will be spread by the cloth on to the next surface wiped. Surveys have consistently found that cleaning cloths have very high bacteria levels, and this can easily lead to the spread of infections around the home. Most household cleaners have good cleaning properties, but do not kill bacteria.

BIOXhome products can be used as no-rinse, "Touchless" disinfectants, that can be applied to surfaces after cleaning and left to dry, or be wiped away with a clean cloth or paper towel if necessary. The result is superior hygiene and improved family safety.

No Wipe - No Rinse - No Cross Contamination

BIOXhome can;

  • be safely used around the home.
  • be safely used around people, animals, food, and fresh produce.
  • prevent the spread of disease around the home.
  • be applied by spraying or wiping.
  • be used in children's play areas and toys, childcare centres, nurseries.
  • be used in medical treatment areas, rest homes, gyms, food preparation areas.
  • be used to protect against viruses such as Bird flu and Swine flue, H5N1 and H1N1.
  • be used on most hard surfaces, and to disinfect drinking water

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