ACVM Approved P009479


Powerful, safe and effective chlorine free disinfection.

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The new generation of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide

The benefits of BIOX

BIOX ensures an excellent level of hygiene around the home, in & around the pool, and in the household rainwater storage water tank .

  • An eco-logical disinfectant suitable for a multitude of uses around the home
  • A exclusive new improved generation of ecological disinfectants based on activated silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide
  • The unique composition makes it safe around people, food, animals, and in the pool
  • Highly effective against all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, moulds, spores & amoeba
  • Removes organic deposits & biofilms in pipes & fittings that reduces the probability of new sources of infection
  • Powerful broad spectrum sanitiser & oxidiser
  • Fast acting and effective over a wide pH & Temperature range
  • It is environmentally friendly as the active ingredients decompose into just oxygen & water.

The 21st century new generation ecological disinfectant

BIOX disinfectants are changing the face of 21st century disinfectants. Using food grade ingredients, BIOX disinfectants are environmentally harmless, break down into just pure oxygen and water. They do not combine with other chemicals to form harmful by-products, and they do not leave behind any unpleasant or dangerous residues. Continuous use does not allow pathogens to become resistant, they are safe for people with a dislike or intolerance to other disinfectants, like chlorine.

Around the home, BIOXhome range of spray products are safe and effective. In food areas, they are food-safe and when used on food surfaces, do not need to be rinsed or wiped off. They can be used without concern on children's toys and play equipment, around pets, fitness equipment, toilet, bathrooms, and in the laundry.

Independent testing has shown repeatedly that one of the most infected items in any household is the dishcloth. Traditional disinfectant are often very slow to take effect, and in most normal situations are wiped off to remove the residues before disinfection is complete. Wiping the surface then moves the infection to the next surface that is wiped. Because BIOXhome is fast acting and does not leave harmful residues, it can be safely left on the surface, preventing cross contamination with other areas.

In the family swimming pool, by eliminating chlorine, BIOXpool immediately provides a healthier pool with much improved bather comfort. The water is odourless, less aggressive on the skin and bathing attire, does not irritate the eyes or respiratory system.

Studies carried out in New Zealand have consistently shown that many domestic rainwater storage tanks do not provide water that is reliably safe for use by the family or visitors. In many instances, gastric upsets are wrongly attributed to food hygiene, when often it is water borne pathogens that are the cause. BIOXwater - Water Tank Treatment, provides a reliable method to treat water tanks regularly as a remedial and a preventative action to ensure the quality and safety of the water, exactly as does a municipal water supply authority. In the past, most people using water storage tanks have run the risk of infection simply because a suitable method of treatment was not available to them. BIOXwater now changes all of that.


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